What is a property focused strategy?

Our Property Focused Strategy will show you how you can take charge of your future, pay off your mortgage quicker and develop passive income for your retirement all by using property investments.

Why property investment?

Numerous reasons! You’re purchasing a physical asset that creates Cashflow, Tax Benefits, Leverage, Capital Gains, control, its relatively simple no need for expensive fund managers!

Apartments or houses?

Off the plan apartments are better investments for so many reasons! For example, you’re buying a brand-new investment at a lower purchase price with lower maintenance costs, higher rents to purchase price (yields), higher tenant demand, attracts professional tenants, and so much more!

What is capital gain?

Capital gain is an increase in the value of a capital asset (investment or real estate) that gives it a higher worth than the purchase price. The gain is not realised until the asset is sold, or a valuation is obtained for extra lending.

What is a passive income?

Awesome is what it is! To define it though it is money that is being earned regularly with little or no effort on the part of the person who’s receiving it. 

What is my risk profile?

Your risk profile is based on a number of factors however, it determines a proper investment allocation and acquisition for your portfolio and the way that we help you push yourself.

What do i need to bring along with me to my consultation?

Please bring along information on the following: (most of this can be derived from using your internet banking in the meeting if necessary)

  • Income information
  • General expenses/bills
  • Mortgage statements/Balances/interest rates
  • Personal Loan information
  • Kiwisaver/superannuation information
How long is a consultation?

Our initial consultation is only about 1-hour long. We want to get to know you as best as possible, so it might stretch to 1.5 hours. We want to provide you with as much value in this appointment and answer any questions you have so times may vary.

How much does a consultation cost?

FREE, we’re here to help you. We can’t help you if we don’t know you! Our consultations are FREE of charge.

Are you mortgage brokers?

No, we do provide mortgage advice however will use your existing broker or refer you to ours to set up any changes we implement.

Do you sell insurance?

Definitely not, we aren’t boring. Insurance is great, but we prefer to refer you to an expert in the field because frankly reading insurance policies doesn’t excite us like property does.

I’m just starting my first job. do you have any tips for me?

Give us a call, we’re always happy to have a chat. In the meantime, get the ball rolling, get saving and build that deposit.

I want to buy my first home. do you have any tips for me?

Give us a call, we’re always happy to have a chat. In the meantime, get the ball rolling, get saving and build that deposit.

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